In short, add “&” to your command to launch it as a background process from the terminal.

I’m in the habit of launching programs on MacOSX from the command line, with the most notable example probably being GitX, my favorite git GUI program.

A few months ago, though, while playing with GitX installs, GitX started hogging my terminal and launching in the foreground when I would call it from Terminal. I would have to use GitX and then close it before command came back to my terminal session.

My brother showed me this neat trick to signify launching something as a background process. Instead of gitx, I just type gitx& and I still command my terminal: Kasim$ gitx&
[1] 56298 Kasim$ 

Another case i often find myself using this trick is on a remote server, where I want to run something like visdom to display results from a machine learning experiment.

In this case, it also helps to send the output of the process to /dev/null, which means it won’t clog up the console in your shell session. That can be done with a line like this:

nohup visdom > /dev/null 2>&1 &