I’ve been playing around with Brave as my primary web browser for several months now, and even started to take for granted how pleasant it is to have ads blocked by default.

It wasn’t until today, though, that I went ahead and setup a Brave Rewards account, and it seemed natural to experiment with adding this website as a channel.

I ran into a small hitch, though, as verifying the channel requires a brave-rewards-verification.txt file to a directory .well-known directory of the site, so it shows up like this.

Since GitHub Pages, where this site is hosted, ignores directories (and likely files, I imagine) prefixed with a ., though, it didn’t verify immmediately.

But adding the following to my _config.yml file solved everything:

# Force inclusion of directories and/or files in the
# conversion. .htaccess is a good example since dotfiles are excluded
#  by default.
include: [".well-known"]

See the repository for more details.