In this lesson, the student shall plan and conduct a cross-country flight from Hanscom Field (KBED) to New York City, with a tour through the Hudson River and optionally the East River VFR corridors, and then back to Hanscom.

This lesson is best suited for a private helicopter pilot working on their commercial helicopter rating, but may be adapted to any rated helicopter pilot interested in NY airspace.

Homework Assignments

Answer the following questions on your own before showing up for the lesson:

  • Where will we enter and exit the Hudson River VFR corridor?
  • Do we have to fly through any of the New York Class B airspaces?
  • If so, who should we call and on what frequencies?
  • When we are flying in the Hudson River corridor, who will we talk to? What about the East River?
  • At what altitude and airspeeds should we fly?
  • What are our reporting points?

Flight Elements

  • Ground discussion (30 minutes)
  • Preflight (45 mins)
  • Flight (5-6 hours)
  • Post Flight Debriefing (20 mins)


Completion Standards

The student shall demonstrate the proficiency to conduct a similar cross-country independently. The student shall handle the majority of radio work and fly at appropriate airspeeds and altitudes, particularly in and around New York Class Bravo airspace, the Hudson River, and the East River.