• Reading Skin in the Game for the second time. Inspired by someone else reading it for the third time and finding he was in the acknowledgments.

  • Naval Ravikant says rereading the classics is sometimes the best thing.

  • When Learning Happens in Layers

  • Going through the Tang Dyansty Poetry Project. Layers: 1. Iniital read through. 2. Blog post. 3. Supplement blog post with active recall (e.g., recitation, adding layered thoughts).

For those familiar with the idea of the linear effects from Antifragile, learning is rooted in repetition and convexity, meaning that the reading of a single text twice is more profitable than reading two different things once, provided of course that the text has some depth of content.

Skin in the Game, p.44

  • Literal sense: Deep Learning literally has layers

  • Aviation: Repetition for students.

  • Classical Chinese: Going back to read the Elementary Classical Textbook

  • Tang Dynasty Poetry Project: Going back through posts as review.